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Social Buddies isn't just an event people can attend, it's socials with a spin!! 


Do you enjoy socialising with other interesting and awesome people?


Well, then our Social Buddies could be the right group for you!


At Venture Buddies we firmly believe that supporting people with different abilities to achieve their goals and increase their independence should be inclusive, enjoyable and exciting. We also believe that learning and having fun should go hand in hand. 

Our Social Buddies activities are not just events at different locations, they are a place where all members become part of the club. With Venture Buddies support, our members take ownership of their club and compete in social, community-based competitions.

These events encourage each member to learn new skills, information about the world around them, build confidence, communication and interaction skills and above all, make genuine and real friends.

Social Buddies is designed for those who are high functioning and mostly independent. Our clients are supported by our support staff to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our staff provide support to help our Social Buddies members build a variety of skills whilst completing challenges and having lots of fun.

Social Buddies Logo

If you love to laugh, chat and have fun all at the same time, then come along and see what all the FUN is about! To join a Social Buddies club or find out more information, submit an enquiry or contact our team.


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